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Benefits of fiber laser cutting for metal profiles, tubes, and pipes

Fiber laser cutting is a technique that works on any metal - including aluminium, copper, and brass. Explore all the benefits of this technology.

Calculate the weight of iron tubes and metal profiles with T-Cal™

T-Cal™ is a free online tool that helps you quickly calculate the weight of your iron, steel, and other metal tubes and profiles.

New website

We decided to renew the look, to add more content and information about Tubilaser world and in general on the laser cutting of pipes and profiles.

Laser cutting aluminium tubes

Laser cutting technology is used to process aluminium pipes as well as close-ended and open-ended beams. Find out more about the benefits of fiber laser cutting.

2 new laser cutting machines

Along the construction of the new headquarters, we announce the arrival of two new plants for the processing of tubulars and metal profiles.

Metal processing: laser cutting

Metal beams processing with laser cutting technologies ensures exceptional finishing whilst minimising smears and production debris.

New headquarters in Istrana (Treviso)

After long and demanding months on the construction site, we are happy and proud to announce the opening of the new headquarters in Istrana, in the province of Treviso.

Building with steel: beautiful, easy and convenient

Laser cutting of small size tubes is now a universally accepted industrial process; but is laser tube cutting useful when it comes to large diameter tubes?

The laser conquers new applications

The potential advantages of using lasers to process metal tubes are now well-known, in particular, when working with large and therefore thicker tubes