Determining the weight of iron pipes, beams, and metal profiles entails complex calculations and multiple reference sources that depend on the composition and thickness of a particular piece. However, precisely calculating weight is essential to streamline a project’s design phase, reduce the purchase costs of raw materials, and ensure precise processing of units.

To help you make precise calculations, Tubilaser designed T-Cal™: a free and reliable online tool for calculating the weight of beams, pipes, profiles, and tubes made of iron, steel, aluminium, copper, and brass. To ensure maximum precision, T-Cal is based on hundreds of relevant formulas and reference charts.

This means you can determine the weight of any iron tube or metal profile (expressed as kg/m) in seconds. To calculate the weight of a single unit or batch in real time, head to the online T-Cal calculator and follow the simple three-step wizard.

How to calculate the weight of iron and metal beams with T-Cal™


  1. Select your material from the Materials menu.
  2. Select the type of tube (round, square, rectangular, or oval) or metal beam (flat, angular, U/L/H, IPE).
  3. Specify your item’s dimensions and click “More options” to enter the length and quantity of units/rods.
  4. T-Cal will automatically calculate the weight of your piece or batch.
  5. With T-Cal, you can also print summaries of weight calculations to attach to your projects.

Benefits of T-Cal™

With our free online tool, you can rapidly calculate the weight of tubes and pipes made of iron and other materials. This will save you time in the planning stage and beyond. Additionally, T-Cal eliminates the risk of calculation errors resulting from manual cross-referencing and provides quick and precise estimates of the weight of any single unit or batch.

For open profiles and beams (HEA, HEB, IPE), T-Cal generates a section sketch with details on thickness, spokes, and other measures that aren’t usually found in manuals and charts – but are extremely valuable in a project’s planning and processing stages.

T-Cal is used by design engineers, beams retailers, and tubes manufacturers worldwide. To access our weight calculation tool at your convenience, bookmark this page.