With narrow photon beams and high-speed engines, optical fiber-based laser cutting machinery offers superior precision in the production of metal profiles and tubes.

A fiber cable conducts the laser beam to the cutting head, which is equipped with a lens system so that can focus the beam with decimal precision. Compared to CO2-based technology, fiber laser cutting offers greater efficiency, stability, and precision as well as significantly higher output. Let’s explore all the benefits of this heat-powered cutting system.


Benefits of fiber laser cutting


The most efficient and versatile laser-based cutting technology, laser cutting is suitable for processing materials such as iron, stainless steel, galvanised iron, aluminium, copper, and brass.

It allows highly precise cuts and the creation of complex geometric patterns on metal profiles of varying lengths and thicknesses, ensuring optimal results in a one-step process that minimises the need for further refinement.

With a narrow wavelength and high beam density, fiber-based laser cutting machinery penetrates materials faster and offers higher efficiency compared to CO2-based systems. On thin surfaces, the higher cutting speed results in 200% greater output.

Also, fiber laser cutting systems do not require regular source maintenance (such as reactivation or regeneration of the beam source) and ensure consistent cutting quality over time.


Tubilaser’s fiber laser cutting machinery


The Tubilaser production plant is equipped with 3 state-of-the-art fiber laser installations for the processing of aluminium, copper, and brass tubes and profiles up to 355 mm in diameter and up to 12,500 mm in length.

With this versatile technology, we can process highly reflective materials – such as aluminium and aluminium alloys, brass, and copper – that would otherwise damage CO2-powered cutting systems. Optical fiber systems are also suitable for processing titanium, steel compounds (such as galvanised steel, stainless steel and carbon steel), Hastelloy®, and Inconel®.

With a solid background in metals processing and advanced systems, we can cut metal profiles and tubes of any section and dimension, with maximum planning and design flexibility.

Tubilaser installations ensure high-precision cutting of pipes and profiles with exceptional finishing and minimum burrs and swarf.

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