Compared to traditional mechanical systems, metal processing with laser cutting technologies provides several benefits and allows for extremely clean cuts with a +/- 0.1 mm tolerance. The superior precision of the laser cutting process minimises the need for further refining of the processed units, ensuring exceptional finishing whilst minimising burrs and swarf.


Processing metals applying laser cutting technology

Laser cutting is based on a photon beam which is aimed at the surface of the tube by a computerised system. In the context of metal processing, laser technology allows the generation of controlled high temperatures in a very small area to provoke the quickly melt or vaporise the tube surface at a specific spot.

A special nozzle located underneath the lens releases the assisting gas that creates a fluid dynamic pressure that separates and removes production debris and eliminates the need for further corrections. The geometric precision of laser combined with the purity of the assisting gas produces clean cuts with minimum surface roughness.


Types of laser cutting processes

Laser cutting systems vary based on the power source and assisting gas deployed during the process. Inert gas-assisted laser cutting uses gases such as nitrogen, argon and helium to remove the molten material from the cut area. This technique provides quality results with significantly reduced smearing.

The remaining types of laser cutting technologies are characterised by the used power source:

> In CO2-based laser cutting, a gas mix of electrically “pumped” carbon dioxide is used. This technology ensures metal processing of superior quality, both with standard and thick pipes made of steel or a steel alloy.

> In fiber laser cutting, a diode-based laser seed is amplified by an optical fiber system. The system enables precision processing on reflective metals such as aluminium, brass and copper.

Such technologies provide the best results for the cutting and processing of metal pipes and beams in a variety of shapes and sizes, ensuring superior cleanliness and precision compared to mechanical systems.

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