Taglio laser tubi alluminio

Laser cutting aluminium tubes

Laser cutting is applied when processing aluminium tubes and beams for a variety of industrial applications, such as furnishings, lighting, component production, light carpentry and aviation parts. Aluminium pipes come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from standard profile tubes (round, square or rectangular) to special profiles such as open-ended beams, flat bars, U and L profiles. Being a reflecting material, aluminium can only be cut with special optical fiber-powered lasers. Its properties may cause serious damage to CO2-powered machinery.


Laser cutting aluminium: benefits of fiber laser cutting equipment

The fiber laser beam is created by the seed laser and is amplified with special glass fibres. The wavelength of the power source makes the cutting faster and stronger, which means this technique is especially suitable for the processing of extra-thin or highly reflective materials such as aluminium and aluminium alloys, copper and brass.

Overall, these systems provide superior performance and benefits over CO2-based technology:

  • Improved cut efficiency with identical power;
  • Enhanced production speed and stability;
  • Reduced energy consumption;
  • Reduced machinery maintenance.

The level of precision ensured by fiber laser cutting applications of aluminium and other materials ensures the production of highly detailed and accurate finished units.


Aluminium laser cutting, without size restrictions

With tree fiber laser installations, Tubilaser can process aluminium profiles and beams without shape or size restrictions. We process round profile tubes (12 to 360 mm in diameter), long square-section pipes (12×12 mm to 250×250 mm) and rectangular pipes (20×10 mm to 300×150 mm) up to 12,5 metres long.

The flexibility of fiber laser technologies helps us meet the needs of customers tasked with challenging and extreme projects. As an example, in 2015 we laser-cut 10 m long aluminium pipes with a 250 mm diameter to manufacture street lamps to be installed in the United Arab Emirates. The contracting company had searched for a supplier in several countries, but couldn’t find anyone that could process such large profiles. Thanks to the first installation of a fiber laser prototype in the world in 2014, Tubilaser met the lighting company’s needs and provided clean-cut aluminium pipes that were used to realise the project.

Are you looking for an expert and reliable laser cutting partner for your large aluminium, copper, brass or metal beams and pipes? Get in touch today for a non-binding quote.


pipe laser cutting machine

2 new laser cutting machines

Along the construction of the new headquarters, we announce the arrival of two new plants for the processing of tubulars and metal profiles.

They are extremely fast and performing, which add up to the current ones, forming a total of 6 laser cutting machines.

We constantly invest with the aim of always providing the best for our customers, strengthening the service, minimizing waiting times, managing what’s most urgent and expanding the range of sections that can be processed even to special profiles, both closed and open. Contact us for more information>